Chargeback Prevention

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How do Chargebacks Work?

Chargebacks begin when a customer files a dispute with their bank regarding a credit or debit card transaction. The problem arises when the merchant is left out of the dispute process or is informed too late. Customers are not informing the merchant of the dispute at an increasing rate. And in 58% of all instances, the merchant is never notified of the pending dispute, making them helpless and unable to defend themselves against the initial chargeback.

Chargebacks Can Be Discouraging

*Chargebacks pose a real threat to business owners, and can quickly eat away at your wallet

*Get notified of Chargebacks immediately, and become proactive in the process

*Keep the money you earned, and put more of it back in your account, with our help

*We want to help you battle Chargebacks; you don’t have to fight alone

Ill-Informed Merchants

Chargebacks begin when a customer files a dispute with their bank regarding a credit or debit card transaction. Merchants are often left out of the dispute proces. Customers aren’t informing the merchant of disputes at an increasing rate. And in 58% of instances, the merchant is never notified, making them defenseless against the chargeback.


Chargebacks Will Affect You

Whether you realize it or not, chargebacks are hurting your business’ revenue stream, absorbing valuable time and effort by you and your employees. Chargebacks can create up to 270% of lost money on a chargeback. This means if your business suffers a $100 chargeback you may wind up paying $270 in fees.

It’s time to stop the Chargeback cycle?

We can help you take control, and get back to what’s important in life. With Verifi and Ethoca, Mount Hood Payments has an alert and prevention system that is practically unmatched by our competitors.


How Our System Works

Electronic payment processing allows merchants to go global, but there are some caveats. One of the risks is chargebacks. Mount Hood Paymentshas partnered with Verifi and their new Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN), as well as Ethoca’s alert system. By networking with both banks and card issuers, the CDRN is giving merchants direct control over resolving credit transaction disputes. By offering our merchants both chargeback resolution networks, they can achieve the highest rate of chargeback resolution.

The CDRN Empowers You

Once the CDRN is involved they inform you, the merchant, immediately regarding the dispute. The merchant will receive the request and can then choose whether or not the dispute should be refunded or declined. This is the pivotal step allowing your business and your transactions to come back within the realm of your control.



This is your first line of defense. Be notified of disputes and act immediately to save your funds from being returned on invalid claims. Our Prevention system warns you early enough that you can become a pivotal part in the Chargeback process.

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