ATM and Credit Card Processing for MMJ businesses

The ONLY domestic MMJ solution for accepting debit / credit cards is in fact Pin based


Mount Hood Payments offers the ability to accept Debit / Credit cards at the counter or via Mobile Terminal using the ATM protocol.

There are a handful of processors out there offering a processing solution for the MMJ industry that doesn’t require the patient’s Pin number from the debit or credit card. These institution’s are offering an offshore solution and labeling them as domestic. The rate to the merchant is extremely high and the patient still has to pay a convenience fee on top of that. Why would anyone agree to that? Anyone offering this is not disclosing the total truth about the solution and are truly taking advantage of the merchant. This is a fact. This protocol has been offered to the Marijuana merchant’s industry since 2002 and has been truly successful. 100% Legal and legitimate.Standard countertop VX570 terminal , Mobile VX610 terminal OR Windows USB solutions available. Contact us for pricing. Customers use their pin-based debit or credit card for their purchases (All cards have a PIN assigned to them, even credit cards). CBD Merchants supported as well!

Customers pay a small convenience fee similar to what they pay at an out-of-network ATM

Patient is charged in $5 increments all the way up to $1500 (just like an ATM machine)

Funds are deposited into the merchant’s bank account (Personal bank accounts are OK!)

Merchant pays a one time charge for counter terminal or mobile terminal bundle

Convenient for customer – no need to carry cash

Customer has ability to increase size of order – impulse buying by patient is more probable when accepting cards at the counter

Up to 30 to 40% % increase in sales reported by customer able to use a bank card at the counter

Less cash transactions lower crime threats

No monthly fee to the merchant!

No cost whatsoever to merchant other than the one time cost of terminal

Contact us now for a free consultation and start processing within 48-72 hours!